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About Aleppo Soap Bars

The aleppo soap is a product of Syria.  This is 100% natural soap made of Olive oil and Sweet Bay /Laurel oil.  It is said that the soap making had started back in 8th century.  This is the first soap in the world and gradually the soap making method spread over Europe region in 12th century.  The soap making process is still unchanged from the ancient and the traditions is kept by Aleppo soap masters. 

Olive oil have rich emollient properties such as squalene and vitamine E.  The 80% of olive oil is acid.  That is almost the same PH as human skin oil covering our hair and bodies.  Therefore, when we use olive oil, we feel smoothness.   The Sweet bay, Laurus nobilis is a sturdy and very scented bush glow in mountain area between Syria and Turkey.  The Bay leaf is frequently used for cooking, however they also have fruits.   The Bay oil is very precious as it can only produce small amount of oil per fruit.   The aleppo soap contains both olive and laurel oil and nothing else except sodium hydroxide, which is also a natural product from the sea.  No preservative materials, no artificial addictives.  Aleppo soap had introduced from one of the esteemed soap companies in Aleppo city and brought to Japan in 1994.  Since then, this Aleppo soap become so popular and many Japanese enjoy the gift from the nature.

There are 3 types of Aleppo soaps

Aleppo soap normal type, 200g Olive oil 90 and Bay 10 Normal type
approximately 200g *
Olive oil 90% Sweet Bay oil 10%
630JPY for 1+ tax
5,670JPY for 10 + tax
Aleppo Soap extra type Extra type
approximately 180g *
Olive oil 60% Sweet Bay oil 40%
900JPY for 1 + tax
8,100JPY for 10 + tax
Aleppo Soap Light Type Light Type
Approximately 180g*
Olive oil 60% Sweet Bay oil 40%
500JPY for 1 + tax
4,500JPY for 10 + tax
*As the soap is all hand made, the weight may slightly different.

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Wholesale inquiry or any assistance you require, please e-mail to aleppo at (at =@)

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